Baby and Child Dedication At Live Oak

We are so glad you are interested in Baby/Child Dedication. Read on for the basics and to connect with us if you feel your family would like to take this step!


Baby/Child Dedication is for parents of little ones who are seeking to raise their children in Christ-centered homes. It is for parents who invite their church family to support them in this honorable endeavor. Baby/Child Dedication is not infant baptism or christening. it is about the parents’ intention to seek Jesus as they raise their child and to bring their church family in this with them.


We celebrate Baby/Child Dedications twice a year: once in the Spring and once in the Fall (usually May and November)
You and your child will be recognized and prayed over in a short dedication moment following late service on a Sunday morning.


*If you are interested in participating in Baby/Child Dedication
*Once you complete the form, we will be sending you an email with all the details! Please watch for that email. Thanks! Please note that we ask that you sign up at least 2 weeks before Baby Dedication happens.  If your sign up misses that deadline we will catch you at the next one!