🟠 If you are NOT ready to come back to church, OR just have to miss a Sunday we invite you to GO HERE for at-home resources & activities for your family that will keep you connected and growing!  The Sunday At Home Section brings you exactly what we are learning and working through in-person on Sundays! We are committed to creating an excellent and active at-home experience.

🟠 If you ARE ready to come back to in-person church please read the following to know what to expect and PLEASE RSVP your kiddo when you reserve YOUR seats for In-Person Services (which you can do HERE)!

Things to expect returning to KIDS MIN:

>Everyone will enter Live Oak through our main front doors. Adults will confirm their RSVP with our First Impressions Team, then babies-3 yr olds will veer to their left to go to their small groups on the east side of the building; 4 year olds-5th graders will veer to their right to go to their small groups on the west side of the building.

>Because of extensive cleaning protocols… Check-in and drop-off for 9:30 service will begin at 9:15. Check-in and drop-off for 11:00 service will begin at 10:45.  Thank you!

>If possible, please have one parent drop-off/pick-up children. We are trying to limit the number of people entering the environment.

>Children’s name tags will be pre-printed based on Eventbrite RSVP’s by the family, and those nametags will be waiting for your child

>There will not be snacks served by Live Oak. Bottles and cups will be permitted for toddlers and babies but goldfish, cheerios, etc. will not be served at this time. If you child has health issues requiring snacks please bring labeled snacks.

>Please limit outside belongings bringing brought into the environment; please consolidate diaper bags as much as possible.

>MASK USE: We are not asking your littles, babies to preK, to wear masks while they attend kids min during either service. Kids in kindergarten and older will be asked to wear face coverings during the 9:30 service’. During the 11:00 service masks are suggested but not required. Staff and Volunteers will be masked at both servies. It is impossible to adequately social distance in our many of our small group rooms and during large group worship, so we will lean on mask use at these times.  Thank you!

>Please pre-screen your child. (Be on the alert for signs of illness in children and keep them home when they are sick. If your family has had a Covid exposure please stay home until you can confirm you do not have Covid.)

Volunteer Safeguards & Sanitation:

>Leaders will be temperature checked upon arrival

>Leaders will wear masks unless 6ft from the group and giving instructions. However, masks will be worn at all times in the baby room.

>Supplies will not be shared between students.

>There will be toys used only for 9:30am service then removed before 11:00am service and new toys brought in.

>All surfaces will be wiped down between services and as needed during services.

>Leaders will wash hands every 20 minutes or less as needed.

We strive for the safety and well-being of all children in our Next Gen environments.While COVID has brought upon some various shifts, you will find that Acorn Club looks very similar to what it has always been, clean, safe, and full of volunteers ready to hang with your kiddos during service. We will continue our regular curriculum strategy and engage your child in God’s truth.If you have any questions prior to returning please email Tammy Roberts at